The Hüper Optik Series window film is made to provide more durable sun protection with Dual Layered Nano Ceramic technology.

Nano Technology

Innovative dual layered nano-ceramic technology that delivers extraordinary all round performance

Corrosion Resistant

Super durability made possible with inert Titanium Nitride coating (TiN)

Low Reflectivity

Innovative film construction that gives low visible light reflectance

Extraordinary Solar Rejection

High solar rejection of up to 71% total solar energy (TSER)

Ultra Durable Performance

Fade Resistance and scratch resistant hard coat layer

Clear Signal Transmission

Works with RFID GPS system and mobile phones

Excellent Glare Protection

Neutral dark hue with clear optical transparency to cut glare


With a proven Quality Guarantee, Hüper Optik™ Nano-Ceramic window film is an investment value because it is able to provide a 10-year guarantee on: discoloration, function and bubbles

Our network has spread throughout Indonesia, such as Java, Sumatra, and other cities

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