Hüper Select Series it is able to resist the heat of the sun up to 70% with only 25% darkness. Huper Drei is highly recommended for use on car windshields, because it does not obstruct / disturb vision. With premium quality multilayer metal sputtering that is able to ward off solar heat up to 70% with reject infrared at 98%! . Optimal Huper Drei:

Car interiors such as seats, dashboards, steers, and car interiors from color fading and damage to materials caused by the heat of sunlight entering through the glass
Capable of being able to ward off not only sunlight, but also UV, Infrared and solar heat very well and optimally.
Protect consumers from sunburn and skin cancer caused by UV rays from the sun.
Premium quality window film that won't fade, change color, bubble or crack.
Heat demo test with btu infrared please slide left and right
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Using Nano-Ceramic technology developed from Germany.

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