Our window film uses sophisticated original technology from Germany. Our product uses “Nano-Ceramic” material for our window film, so it has a far better impact than using conventional window films that still use “Metal” material as a coating when exposed to sunlight. The advantage of using our product is

Made from high quality Nano-Ceramic
Can ward off not only sunlight, but also UV, Infrared and solar heat very well and optimally.
Our window film can be very helpful in protecting the interiors of the car / house (Dash Board, Leather, Seat, Fabric, Plastic, etc.) from the fading, destruction of materials caused by UV radiation from the sun.
Protect consumers from sunburn and skin cancer caused by UV rays from the sun
For the case in the room of a building or house, our window film is very helpful in counteracting the heat of the sun with the aim of saving costs and electricity bills for the functioning of Air Con and other cooling machines
Very high quality material guaranteed for 10 years
Window film will not fade, change color, corrosion, bubbles or crack
It is suitable for consumers who live in coastal areas (due to sea water vapor which causes rust and corrosion on window film)
Heat demo test with btu infrared please slide left and right
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Using Nano-Ceramic technology developed from Germany.

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