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1. Does Hüper Optik™ films conform to government regulations concerning visibility and reflectivity levels?

Hüper Optik™ has an extensive series of products that meet the respective regulatory requirements stipulated by the respective authorities. Our broad range of window films also caters to consumers’ varied preferences and you can be sure that we have a suitable window film that suits your needs.

2. Why am I paying a price premium over other kinds of window films?

Our films differ from the conventional films that have existed in the market for a long time. Backed by a patented R&D technology and leading the nano-ceramic technology edge in window films, Hüper Optik™ offers a different value proposition to consumers.

When you choose Hüper Optik™, you are assured of premium performance. Our window films come in the form of superior Infra-Red and Ultra Violet rejection and low reflectivity.

Besides maintaining those cool, aesthetic looks on your vehicle or home without worrying about demetallisation and discoloration effects that plague conventional films.

3. Do I enjoy any warranty when I choose Hüper Optik™ films?

Hüper Optik provides a comprehensive warranty package to demonstrate our appreciation to our customers for making Hüper Optik their preferred choice. All Hüper Optik products are protected against various defects like delamination, discoloration, corrosion, etc.

Hüper Optik’s X3 and Ceramic nano-ceramic films are made of durable quality material that is not susceptible to demetallisation and environmental effects. They come with a 10-year warranty for all applications.

Our similarly high performing Klar, Klassisch and Reflektor series are guaranteed for a period of 5 years for all applications.

4. During and after the film installation process, will I be exposed to complications of any nature?

There are no significant complications that might inconvenience the end-user. Though there may be occasional incidents when the adhesive or sealant does not adhere well, these reports are few and far between,

In the event where the user decides to remove the window film, there will not be any permanent stains on the glass surface and any adhesive marks can be easily removed with common cleaning agents. Complications are not likely to arise if post-installation instructions are adhered.

5. Do Hüper Optik™ films incorporate any safety features?

Hüper Optik films provide anti-shattering properties but it is different from Safety & Security films purely made for safety purposes. In the event of glass being shattered or broken, especially during bad weather or upon sudden impact, our window films holds the glass pieces together until the affected panes can be replaced. This minimizes the chances of occupants getting hurt by broken glass pieces, a safety hazard that can be prevented by installing Hüper Optik.

6. Are the products and the manufacturing process environmentally friendly?

The raw materials comprise of either natural elements or are made up of environmentally friendly constituents. Similarly on the laminating adhesive employed in binding the film together belongs to a family of polymer that is environmentally safe.

Hüper Optik films do not emit any poisonous gases in the event of a fire that may endanger the occupants.

7. How can I be sure that the specifications and superb performance of our products are true as stated?

Hüper Optik films have obtained test certificates from German testing centres like MPA NRW and also been tested and certified by the Productivity and Standards Board of Singapore to further back up the reliability of our premium products.