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1. Why should I apply Hüper Optik™ on my car?

Our film delivers intangible and long lasting benefits to your car, as well as its passengers.

Hüper Optik films help to reduce the load of your car air-conditioning by blocking out much of the heat entering the vehicle through the windows. The effects of this heat buildup are felt quite significantly, especially under conditions of strong direct sunlight.

2. How long does the installation procedure take?

A typical car would take approximately a few hours for the installation to be completed.

However, the complexity and installation time depends very much on the curvature of the window and the total glass area. With different models of cars, the time taken will vary accordingly, i.e. a car with higher glass curvature and more glass area will take slightly more time.

For example, it would take approximately 4 hours to install a typical 1.6 litre sedan car.

3. Does Hüper Optik™ films conform to government regulations and safety levels concerning visibility levels on the road?

Our wide range of products meets most government standards and regulations. Depending on your personal choice, visibility levels will definitely be reduced to various extents.

However, you can be assured that our qualified dealers will advise you on the film selection of visibility levels and safety standards that conform to the respective traffic laws and most importantly, your needs and preferences.